If you want the best of both worlds - a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere but with an attention to detail when it comes to good food and good wine - then take some time out at La Bonne Heure in Clapham,  London.
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"It was just amazing.  The food and the service was excellent.  I will come around for sure.  The foie gras and the canard are just epic and so tasty.  Very satisfied!!  As a French person, I could say they respect the French tradition as expected" - Iggy Iglu (Google+)

Sample the French way of life

La Bonne Heure was established in 2012 to showcase quality French cooking from a master of French cuisine.  With over 15 years of experience as a chef in the Bleeding Heart - one of the most prestigious French restaurants in London - our chef was intent on spreading the beauty of French cuisine to a wider clientele.  
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Authentic French dishes

There's no short cuts in French cuisine, and you won't find them at La Bonne Heure either.  All our food is freshly prepared, using only the choicest ingredients from the freshest produce.  Our love and passion for French food is sown into every element of our restaurant - from the baking of our croissants, the selection of our wine - right through to the atmosphere of the restaurant.  It's not just food - it's an experience.
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While the true test of food is in the taste, a lot can be deduced from the presentation too. Why not have a look at our gallery and see some of the dishes that we do? You'll also get a good idea of the look of our restaurant, and the space we have available. If you're looking to hold a special event - whether it's a birthday celebration, a company dinner or something in between - we're happy to accommodate.
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Traditional French dishes in an authentic French restaurant with La Bonne Heure in London.

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